Using OBS Studio Software to Facebook Stream Live

Alvaralo asked me how to use the OBS Studio Software to Facebook Stream live. Here you go bud.

In this article I show you how to broadcast to Facebook Live from your computer to your Facebook Profile, Pages AND groups using Wirecast

UPDATE: Wirecast now supports broadcasting live videos to Facebook groups directly from the tool

I wrote an article recently on How to Broadcast to Facebook Live from your Computer using the free software OBS Studio. This free software works really well, runs on Macs, PCs and under Linux and you can stream to your Facebook page, profile and groups.

However, there is another tool on the market that is highly recommended, and that is Wirecast* from Telestream. There’s no question, this is the professional live streamer’s tool, and the price reflects this with a starting price of $495.

I’ll be giving a full comparison of OBS Studio and Wirecast soon, but for now I wanted to walk you through how to broadcast from your computer to Facebook Live using Wirecast. Many marketers are choosing Wirecast as their main tool including Mari Smith, Guy Kawasaki, Joel Comm, Jeff Sieh and Mike Stelzner.



By Chase Jewellgain settings

As a mobile DJ, it is a requirement to know how to properly select and use your equipment and system.  The hardest things to learn in the beginning is proper equipment selection, proper setup, and proper mixing and equalization of your audio system.  If you do not learn this quickly not only will your sound not be where it needs to be but you can damage your equipment which leads to costly repairs or replacement, which can get expensive quickly!


Bouquet and Garter Toss

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History: It was considered lucky to get a fragment of the bride’s clothing. In those days, the bride was treated poorly. Guests would grab at her wedding dress in order to tear off pieces. Although brides continued to believe that they would not be wearing their wedding gowns again, they objected to its wanton destruction. They looked for an alternative and, thus began the custom of throwing personal articles, such as the garter, to the guests.

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Who’d Want To Be A Wedding MC? Wedding MC Duties

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Being a Wedding MC isn’t really everybody’s idea of good fun. You probably felt honored to accept the job when asked by the bride and groom, and the position comes with a sense of responsibility that you’ll feel sure you can carry off, but I’d bet there is also a looming feeling of dread.

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Why a Wedding DJ Costs THAT Much by Kim Forrest

Why a Wedding DJ Costs THAT Much  by Kim Forrest

If you’ve never planned a wedding before, it can be difficult to understand why a specific type of wedding pro costs what they do. For example, the average cost of wedding DJ services in the United States is $1,099, but what are the factors that go into that price? Well, turns out it’s more than meets the eye. We went straight to the pros—wedding DJs themselves—to get a breakdown of the many factors that actually go into their pricing to help you avoid sticker shock.

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